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when i reinstall the resido i am getting a invalis liscnce key


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    hi i am having trouble in installing your application on domain nadlan.cc 

    and keep getting errors saying to contact support.

    could it be because of the type of server? - it is nginx?

  • pablorotem9 replied

     i think it is  now somehow fixed - thank you for fixing!! great support

  • pablorotem9 replied

    no - it is still doing error

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    I've just deactivated your license.

    Now, you can use it again.

    Next time, please deactivate your license before moving to the new domain or reinstall your web.

    Your encrypted license is located in /storage/.license so you can't deactivate your license if you lost that file or lost access to your site so please backup this file if you want to reinstall your website.

  • pablorotem9 replied

    thank you - also last question - i tried to use another system on wordpress butit became impossible after i imported 250k properties - it became so slow that it took over 5 minutes to display the search result and would constantly shut the server with timeouts even though it is a very high end vps with 82gb ram and over 8tb nvme storage witth latest php modules and still cant handle 250k properties..i have a total of over 4 mililon and plan to constantly add more - will this script be able to handle that? just asking so i dont start building only to find out later it cant? if you hae another script i'd defintly buy if it can handle this if you belive it need a custom or other product for this much data. thank in advance

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    The slow search issue is not due to our server. It seems that your script is not optimized for your specific use case. Currently, you should consider indexing the "name" and "location" fields in the "re_properties" table to improve the search performance.

    This issue is often solved in various ways. Indexing is the easiest approach. The second option is to optimize the fields that need to be searched, fine-tune or cache other data such as reviews in different tables.