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Create a new module(Tenant) in Reside


  • ahmadjabbar2015 started the conversation

    Hi, I want to know how can I create a plugin of my own (Tenant in my case) like ***Residoplatformplugins eal-estate***  . Are there some php artisan commands like php artisan make: model etc.. or something else

    Because command like

    php artisan cms:plugin:create <plugin name>

     is not working, actually, all create commands are not working

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    The replied


    Command for generate a new plugin/theme is not available in this item so

    Please give us your plugin name, we will help you generate it and send it to you

  • ahmadjabbar2015 replied

    The plugin name is tenant.

    Please also provide me a basic structure (code) and steps so that I can create more plugins in the future by my own.

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    As I said you cannot use command to create plugin. the command only available in cms version

    You can based on the plugin that I attacted to replace to your new plugin

    Attached files:  tenant.zip